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Simple Ways To Stay Hydrated

Simple Ways To Stay Hydrated

Water is at the very essence of our health and wellbeing, but for some, the important daily ritual of sipping 8 or more glasses of water can be a difficult feat. 

Maintaining a healthy hydration level has so many amazing benefits to our general wellbeing and bodily functions. From supporting digestion, energy levels, and cognitive function, to helping clear and moisturise our skin and everything in between. 

So, here are five simple ways to keep up your water intake each day. 

Rise & Sip  

The daily ritual of sleep pulls moisture from our bodies, leaving us dehydrated and groggy when we wake. After you rise for the day, make sure to gulp down a big glass of water to return this lost hydration to your body. 

If you want to step up your morning glass of water, try adding in some fresh lemon juice. The citric acid in lemons helps to stimulate and detox your liver, support the body’s enzyme function, and give you a big mental boost for the day!

Get Savvy With Apps 

For those truly committed (or utterly forgetful) sippers amongst us, there’s a handy range of apps you can use to track your water consumption and set reminders. Try Waterlogged, Gulp and WaterLama or manually setting alarms on your phone. 

Eat Watch Rich Foods

Incorporating plenty of water-dense fruits and vegetables into your diet is a must when trying to stay hydrated. Food like cucumbers, lettuce, melons, and celery will flood your cells with hydration as well as the added benefits of their individual nutritional value. 

Replenish Wisely  

Find yourself constantly confusing thirst with hunger? Try replenishing your fluids between meals instead of gulping down all of your water intake while you’re eating. Studies show that drinking straight before, during or immediately after eating can dilute digestive enzymes, negatively impacting how your gut absorbs the nutrients from your food. 

Flavour Your Water 

Add a little bit of excitement to your daily intake by steeping fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs in your water. You can get creative and play around with your own combinations or get inspired by these 27 Fruit-Infused Waters to Stay Hydrated


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