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Studio Sounds VOL. 02 - Elise Eales

Studio Sounds VOL. 02 - Elise Eales

Studio Sounds Vol.02 from ceramic and jewellery designer, Elise Eales of Di Lunedi. 

Home to a range of handcrafted objects, Di Lunedi is the creative manifestation of a lifetime of pottery experience. 

Having discovered the complexities and joy of clay as a medium from a young age in her Father’s pottery studio in Northern NSW, Elise found the inspiration for her own project, Di Lunedi, a little farther from home.  

Image by Tamas Keefer

Serving up a side of coastal Italy, Elise’s pieces are trademarked by the handpainted crabs, lobsters and Mediterranean motifs that adorn their smooth ceramic surfaces, a style Elise fell deeply in love with during her artist residency in Naples last year.  

"I almost always have music playing in the studio. Of late, a lot of Lucio Dalla and Italian '70s which takes me back to Italy but also helps me practice my Italian." 

Studio Sounds Vol. 02
Studio Sounds Vol. 2

Indeed, music has an inexplicable ability to heighten our recognition of past moments in our lives.   “I love that music can take you to a place or person or moment and allow you to experience it all again. When I hear Nina Simone’s ‘My Baby Just Cares For Me’ I remember it being played by a brass band in Florence in the middle of summer or Cat Stevens being played on repeat in my Father's ceramic studio when I was little.”   

“It’s those songs that have for whatever reason had an impact that I play on repeat and have the ability to shift my mood or emotions.”   

Enjoy the current mix of nostalgic European summer-inducing tracks Elise has on repeat; Studio Sounds Vol. 02 by Elise Eales.  

Image by Tamas Keefer

LISTEN to Studio Sounds Vol. 02 here.  
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