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Studio Sounds VOL. 01 - Poppy Kural

Studio Sounds VOL. 01 - Poppy Kural

The first instalment of Studio Sounds, a curated playlist series by artists and creators aimed to inspire a deeper connection through sound. Vol. 01 of Studio Sounds has been lovingly curated by textile artist, Poppy Kural.  

Working with pure intuition in what is an intricate and meditative-like practice, Poppy Kural has crafted a modern gallery of woven objects that resemble something of the past, ancient motifs of simpler times. 

Communicating effortlessly through texture, Poppy hand-weaves her pieces from contemporary textiles - string, wire and natural fibres intertwine to create extraordinary pieces of beauty.

A doula, mother and artist, Poppy relishes in the beauty of those small, otherwise ordinary moments. “There is always background music on when I am at home, cooking, weaving, playing with my daughter or just being.” 

On our way throughout our lives, we encounter music that becomes imbued with memories and emotion. “I like to feel something when I'm listening, and the deeper the song the more I feel. Music also creates a sense of nostalgia for me, I love listening to songs that remind me of my parents, particularly my dad who passed away a few years ago. When I was little he would rock me to sleep to Al green.”  

Studio Sounds Vol. 01
Studio Sounds Vol. 1

LISTEN to Studio Sounds Vol. 01 here
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