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Our Folk: Hunna from TOTUM Naturopathy

Our Folk: Hunna from TOTUM Naturopathy

Remodelling what the healthcare industry truly entails in today’s climate, Co-founder of TOTEM Natropothy, Hunna Armstrong is guiding the connection to body and earth through a modern naturalistic approach. 

Hunna talks us through how we can restore and facilitate a true understanding of our bodies as well as why she believes clean water is foundational to long-term health. 

Totem Naturopathy

Where are you from and can you describe your favourite room/space in your home?

I grew up in Byron Bay NSW on a farm that's been in the family for 6 generations, so I will always be rooted to this special place. I currently live in a little cabin on the farm with my partner, so it's really one big room. I absolutely love the nook where our couch is when the sun comes through the windows in the afternoon and the shadows it creates on the walls. 

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

​Drink a big glass of filtered water and begin the ritual of brewing my delicious cacao tonic.








Morning Rituals

When do you feel most yourself?

When I am singing or listening to music. I grew up playing music with my brother and to be honest the last few years I felt like I've lost my voice. Perhaps a testament to the times and something I am trying to work through; however, it brings me so much joy and emotional release. 

Can you tell us about what Totum Naturopathy offers in ways of treatment and tools for those seeking to connect with their bodies and understand holistic health?

Totum's purpose has always been to educate people on the importance of connection, not just to each other, but to ourselves and the earth. We are one entity therefore when looking at health we need to understand all that makes up who we are in order to best support ourselves. Totum provides 1:1 Naturopathic consultations, supportive products and The Holistic Manual Bundle, which is an educational resource offering insights on the foundations of health and how we can best begin to support ourselves.







Totum Naturopathy

What prompted the arrival of Totem Naturopathy? A lot of entities in the wellness realm seem to have their own journey towards healing that they feel called to share with others, was this the case for you? 

A few things prompted the birth of Totum. Kat and I both shared the same values and a mutual frustration with the reductionistic approach of the modern healthcare model, and the lack of education about the body in its entirety. 

We felt this strong disconnect between the physical body and emotional/ mental body, which blocks an individual's true ability to heal and make long-term changes to their health. I have personally struggled with anxiety and depression, which contributed to my issues with acne and hormonal imbalance. 

It was important to provide a space for people to feel comfortable in their humanness and to share what we know about the intricate connections of our internal and external world, to further help others along their way. 






We know that one thing you always recommend to your clients is drinking filtered water, can you talk us through why this is? 
The body is made up of 50 - 70% water, it's the elixir of life and is the basis of every plant and animal. We see many people who are drinking sufficient amounts of water, but it's riddled with chemicals and heavy metals that can cause disharmony in the body, disrupting the absorption of certain nutrients, liver function, hormonal health and mental well-being.

We always emphasise the importance of clean, filtered water as a vital investment for overall health, given that its fundamental in sustaining life. Minerals are also very important for the body and maintaining fluid balance, which is why we love ceramic filters because you don't need to remineralise the water, it retains minerals like magnesium and calcium.

It is a privilege to have treated, safe water yet it is important to understand the side effects of living in the structure that we do. If you have the ability to gift someone or yourself a water filter, it can be a potent medicine for overall health.


Hunna Armstrong

What is the most rewarding part of your role at Totem Naturopathy?

It is the biggest honour to be a part of someone's healing journey and watch the growth and transition into empowerment and body autonomy. 


Totum Naturopathy

Can we talk a little about your own personal rituals and practices? What rituals do you practice in taking care of yourself?

To be honest, the last year has been a process of reclaiming time for myself and understanding what fits best as I move into a different phase of my life. Self-care practices are going to change as we do so we must be fluid and adaptable with a tool kit of rituals.

I mix it up depending on how I feel and what phase of the cycle I am in. 

Right now, I am loving reading and free-form writing (whatever comes out without analysing it). Self-massage alongside body affirmations (sending a kind thought to each part of yourself as you massage) and grounding with the senses in nature. General daily habits that keep me sane are making the bed, cacao and walking. 









 For more from Hunna follow her @hunnarmstrong.naturopath and @totum.naturopathy

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