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Homebody: Holly McCauley's Hinterland Home

Homebody: Holly McCauley's Hinterland Home

Along with her two children Della and Posey, husband Nich and latest furry addition Dottie, Holly McCauley has embraced the beauty of living so close to nature in her idyllic hinterland home in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales. Holly is a talented graphic designer and co-founded the wildly beautiful art gallery, Yeah Nice.  

We had the pleasure of speaking with Holly about the many special pieces of art and objects that adorn her space, her most treasured possessions, and the charm of the lush bush that surrounds her home. 

What drew you to the house? 

We recently moved to this bush property after years of living in a small town on a residential street. This place is so different to our last home, it is totally surrounded by nature and birdsong, it’s down a long winding dirt road and it’s lush and green, the house was built in the 1880s and it’s airy and bright. We were drawn to it instantly, it’s what we have been dreaming of for a long time. 

Do you have a favourite room? 

My favourite room isn’t a room at all, it’s the timber wrap-around deck - this summer we have eaten all our meals on it, the kids are playing on it all day and in the evenings we’ve been sitting out on the deck until it’s time to go to bed. 

Can you describe where you live? What are the surroundings and view like? 

We live on a bush block in the northern rivers. When you look out the window, all you see is green: rainforest, tall gums, palm trees and all you hear are birds and cicadas. 

What are some of the most treasured personal belongings/ furniture/artwork in your home?  

Even though we recently moved, we haven’t purchased anything new for this house, everything we have, we have owned for years and years. Our belongings have followed us for years, through share houses, to new cities, to our first family home and now here. Some treasured pieces are our art collection, furniture made by friends and books collected over decades. 

When selecting pieces for your home, do you have any favourite artists, ceramicists or makers you gravitate towards? 

I love to collect ceramics by small makers, especially from our travels. I love pieces from markets and random craft stores. One of our friends, Suraya Scully has made most of our dining pieces and mugs which we use every day. I also have a beautiful piece by Zali Rae that our friends gave us as a housewarming gift. I co-run a gallery with my friend, Jordi, so I am so lucky to have a house full of art. 

How do you enjoy creating ambience at home?

I love a home that feels welcoming, warm and personal when you walk in. We are still working on making this place feel like our own, but rugs, textiles, candles and lamps have certainly helped to bring ambience to our home. I also think that home-cooked meals create a certain energy in a space, as does a big meal shared with friends!

Our Pistachio Ceramic Water Filter sitting pretty in Holly's home. 

See more of Holly's work here.

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