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Detoxify Your Kitchen With These Simple Steps

Detoxify Your Kitchen With These Simple Steps

Cleansing our bodies of toxins goes hand in hand with cleansing our homes and the spaces we inhabit. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and it can also so often be a hidden source of harmful toxins and contaminants. 

Breathe easier with these 3 steps to detoxifying your kitchen.  

Store Smartly 

Free your food from plastic contaminants while elevating your space with glass or stainless steel storage options. Most plastic containers contain harmful polycarbonate plastics that can leach chemicals into your beautiful foods, which we have no space for in your new detoxified kitchen!

Instead, store and present your foods in eco-friendly and non-contaminant options like glass or stainless steel. I promise, they’ll last a lifetime and look much more beautiful than their plastic counterparts.

Tip: Get thrifty and reuse old glass jars from things like sauerkraut and pasta sauces. 

Switch to natural products

If you’re finding it hard to break up with plastic bottles and chemical-filled cleaning products, this one’s for you. Since making the switch to natural and zero waste cleaning solutions, I’ve found that my cleaning experience has transformed from an unwanted chore to an intentional and mindful practice that I actually enjoy and feel good about. 

If you’re looking to wave goodbye to plastic and toxic cleaning products in your home, Pleasant State has some beautiful reusable glass bottles and a range of cleaning tablets that are free of parabens, phthalates, and are 100% non-toxic. Just fill them up with water and you’re ready to start cleaning! 

Tip: Making your own cleaning products is so enjoyable and simple. Get inspired by this PDF download on 'How to Create a Low Tox Home' by my lovely friend!  

Filter your water 

Hydration is a vital component of any detox. It flushes out your body and replenishes your cells. So, having clean drinking water that’s free from contaminants is key to your everyday health. Our ceramic stoneware water filters sit pretty on your benchtop, all while delivering beautifully clean water to support your body each day. 

Without filtration, the water in your tap can have dozens of contaminants. From chloride, fluoride, bacteria and heavy metals, the list goes on. Whether you’re drinking ​​municipal town water, rainwater or bore water at home, it’s important to filter out any of these contaminants for your overall health. 

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