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Ceramic Water Filter - Dove (Pre Order)


Please note, that due to the handmade nature of our products, the Dove Water Filter is currently on preorder for August 2024 dispatch.

Inspired by the natural tones of our earth, our benchtop ceramic water filter in Dove is ready to deliver you beautifully clean and refreshing water. 

Naturally cooling through the evaporative properties of clay, this stoneware water filter holds approximately 10 litres of beautiful fresh water to keep you hydrated each day. 

Each Kyn & Folk gravity-fed water filter comes with a separate ceramic base, stainless steel tap, and your choice of water filter candle.  

Filter: Read through our water quality chart to see which filter candle is the best fit for your lifestyle. 

Glaze: Exteriorly glazed with a gloss finish and a matte white interior. Our glazes are custom formulated in-house, always ensuring something unique. All glazes are non-toxic and food safe. 

Size: 520mm H from base to lid. 

Water capacity: 10L 

Care: All Kyn & Folk ceramics are made of high-fire stoneware and are designed to endure life in the modern kitchen and withstand the test of time. If cared for correctly, your Kyn & Folk benchtop water filter will last a lifetime. 

PLEASE NOTE: Any irregularities in shape, glaze, volume and texture reflect the inevitable human touch each vessel receives during the making process and should be embraced.